Thursday, September 30, 2010

NECAPS Are Starting

We will be staring NECAP(replaces the old MEAs) testing on Monday, October 4th. All tests will be given in the morning and students will take one test per day,every day except for Wednesdays. Testing will continue until October 19th. Please make sure your child is well rested so they can perform to their fullest.

State Plates are the project students are completing as homework to conclude our brief mini unit on the Five themes of Geography. Projects are due Wednesday, Oct. 6th. All students were given a rubric which describes requirements for the project as well as how it will be graded. Please review the project using the rubric as a guide prior to your child passing it in on Wednesday. Our next unit will be the introdution of ancient civilizations. Next week we will do hands on activities to simulate the ways people worked together to provide themselves with basic needs of food and shelter.

Ask your child about the "toy box stations" they have been working with in science. Mrs. Farnsworth has told me they are having a lot of fun and applying their energy knowledge as well!

Book Talks have begun for students in my Reading class. Fridays four students will present a book talk on a book of their choosing. Students are given a rubric(descriptor of elements that should be included) a week before their assigned book talk. They may take notes on index cards to use during their presentation and they should practice prior to presenting in class. book talks will be recorded using a flip video camera so students may do a self assessment of themselves.

Chewing gum is allowed in class(except music) as it has proven to help students focus as well as relax during academic instruction. However, students need to provide their own sugar free gum. Some students are asking me or their classmates for gum on a daily basis and I have told students after this week they need to provide their own gum in fairness to me and their classmates. Please discuss this issue with your child .

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