Friday, September 24, 2010

Harvest Lunch A Big Hit!!

On Thursday students were treated to a delicious lunch made from Maine products. Students in each grade helped with the food preparation in some way. Our class had the task of husking corn. As children husked the corn they solved oral math problems related to the task. We have great thinkers in fifth grade !

The students that have me as their ELA teacher started their first narrative piece this week. They were given the choice of two prompts, "My Dream Vacation" or "My Favorite Vacation." The steps of the writing process are followed with their writing piece. Students began by brainstorming events and organizing them on a graphic(visual) organizer. Next we had a lesson on writing leads. I wrote and shared four different leads to model different strategies authors use. Students were then asked to rate each lead as weak or strong and to explain their reasoning. All students then wrote their lead for their story and shared it with a peer for feedback. I was pleased to notice all students giving and receiving helpful and thoughtful suggestions in a positive manner. We all learn so muchfrom each other by sharing our ideas and thinking.
Weekly letters are due on Thursdays for fifth graders and Wednesday for sixth graders. Students were given a descriptor of letter requirements and an explanation of the grading system for letters. Students should look at these befoe they pass their weekly letter in to make sure they have met the requirements.
Students are using research skills to find specific information about a state of their choice. Our class discussion prior to individuals researching included identifying text features and how they are used of nonfiction books(headings, index, captions,etc.). Their information will be used to complete a visual project.
The first week of October marks the beginning of NECAP testing( replaces teh MEAs). Tests will be given in the mornings and only one test a day will be given. Please make sure your child is well rested so he/she will be well prepared to perform to her/his ability. The NECAP testing continues through October 19.
Reminder: Open House is Tuesday at 5:30. I hope to see you !

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