Monday, November 22, 2010

Short Week

Due to the fact that it is a two day school week students will not be having their usual weekly spelling and daily oral language review assignments. However, we are still had lessons involving these concepts. Students will not have assessments in these areas until Friday, December 3rd.

Have you checked out the Everyday Math site yet? You can get to it easily by going to the school's webpage and clicking student resources. If your child misplaces their login or password please let me know and I will reissue it. We have been working on the partial quotient algorithm for division. At first many students were resistant to this algorithm but now many are finding it "easy" and are choosing it as thier division algorithm of choice!

Students completed persuasive letters to Mrs.Lash with the fictional topic of, "Should our school have a soda machine?" These letters are posted outside the classroom. Plese take a second to read them when you are at school. some of the opinions expressed amy surprise you! Please note, the prompt is not a real question being pondered just a topic that I beleived would generate student idea development in writing. Students are now working on their second persuasive piece with you, their parent, the identified audience. Once these pieces are completed they may bring home a copy to share with you.

Best wishes for a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family and friends.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Report Cards

Report cards are being sent home today along with a behavior checklist. Behavior checklists are completed for every student. Both of these items are in a manila envelope in your child's Friday Folder. Please sign and return the last page of the report card in the envelope provided so I may reuse it.

In social studies students are working on a project( Four Door Book) of Ancient Mesopotamia using their notes and social studies text as resources. The grade for this project will be the same as a test grade.

Everyday Mathematics has a great online source for students and parents. Your child has been given a login and password for this site. I have placed your child's information in a white sealed envelope in his/her Friday Folder.

Students are completing the unit on narrative writing with a five journal entry project,"Reliving Life Outdoors." Students have a descriptor of requirements and have been working on this for a couple of weeks. The completed project needs to be passed in on Friday, November 12th. There will be no more class time to work on this project. Students were made aware of this on Monday, Nov. 1st, and were allowed to work on it outside of class as well. I have also posted this assignment on the homework board and told them to write it in their assignment book. Persuasive writing will be the second quarter unit of focus.