Thursday, December 9, 2010

Mid Quarter Reports

Mid Quarter reports have been sent home in your child's Friday Folder. Please review it,sign and return it. If you have any questions or concerns please call me here at school. I am available to take calls mornings at 8 (except for Wednesdays) and after 3.

On Monday students will be given a descriptor of a social studies project, Egyptian Scrapbook. We will work on it during class time but after the holidays there may be some work done at home to complete the project. If this should be the case I will send home a written note with a descriptor of the project and the final due date. Students will be researching information using a variety of resources. We will be working on note taking skills, siting sources for a bibliography, paraphrasing and visual presentation.

In math we are working with fractions. Whenever possible please point out how you use fractions in your daily life(cooking, measuring , etc) as it helps the students to understand the need to learn these concepts in every day life. If your child likes to cook, and so many of us are cooking a lot this time of year, have him/her calculate the fractions in a recipe when you might be doubling the ingredients.

Persuasive writing used in advertising has been our latest topic in writing. Students have learned about different persuasive techniques used and have analyzed adds to find examples of these techniques. Students have just started creating an advertisement for their favorite toy( present or past). One requirement in their selection was that they were to choose a nonelectric toy! Wow!! So many children were dismayed by this requirement but they rose to the challenge.

Nina Roth-Wells visited the classroom on Wednesday and did a presentation on Hanuka. She shared a beautiful picture book with us and discussed the meaning behind this celebration. Eli recited a Hebrew prayer that is used as part of the celebration. Children played a dreidel game and were given their own dreidel to take home and play with their families. We all learned something new about Hanukkah !

Remember, our winter concert is Thursday, December 16th! Come and enjoy the beautiful music.

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