Thursday, October 28, 2010

Second Quarter Begins

Wow! It is hard to believe that we are now in the second quarter of the school year. Friday, November 5th, students will bring home their report cards. Please review them, sign, and make comments (if you wish) in the space provided and then return them to school.

On Wednesday my reading students watched a live webcast, "Read Now with Taylor Swift"(held at Scholastic headquarters in New York City). We listened to her answer questions from both the host and students in the audience about reading. She focused on how reading from a young age has impacted her life as a song writer. She told the audience that reading and writing go hand in hand because her reading of her favorite genres(poetry and historical fiction) motivated her to tell stories through her song writing. She emphasized the top reason she feels people should read every day is it makes life more"colorful" and helps one to develop more awareness and view events from other perspectives. We had a rich group discussion after the webcast and students had many thoughtful responses to my question, "What do you think my purpose was to take 30 mins. of reading class to watch this webcast?"

Next week we will be wrapping up our study of Ancient Mesopotamia with hands on small group activities, a project and a test. Students will be allowed to use their social studies notes for this test. The test will be made of fill in the blank questions and some short essay answers. Students will need to apply their knowledge to answer the essay questions.

Wednesday we celebrated Halloween with a costume parade, songs and a few refreshments. I know Halloween means lots of candy but I would ask that you not send candy in for their morning snacks.

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