Friday, October 22, 2010

Parent Conferences

Parent Conferences are scheduled for next Thursday and Friday. If you have misplaced your appointment time please call the school office. I am looking forward to meeting with all of you to discuss your child's progress and set goals. Grades close on Oct. 29th so report cards will not be reviewed at the conference. Report cards will be sent home on Friday, November 5th.

We have completed our NECAP testing!! Students will return to their normal daily schedule and will once again be having math homework every night except for Friday. Please remind your child they may bring home their Student Reference Book to help them(and you) as long as they bring it back for class the next day.

We have started our unit on Ancient Mesopotamia in social studies. Students are practicing their note taking skills by using highlighters to determine key words and phrases and organizing their notes using a provided main idea organizer. They will be using these notes to complete a project(not yet assigned) and to study for a test. Students will be given a week's notice prior to the test and we will review and model study strategies as well.

Students that I teach reading to are finishing their first novels and next week will be introduced to a new genre, fantasy. We will practice identifying the elements of fantasy by reading short stories as a group. Students will then be given novels of the fantasy genre and work in literature groups.

Letters of introduction following the friendly letter format have been completed in writing class. Students are currently writing ten entries in a journal format from the point of view of a person lost in the wilderness using a descriptor of requirements. These journals will then be "bound" by the student in a creative way(this part will be done outside of class). Students were shown an example of this project so they have a visual of what a quality finished product might look like.

See you next week at parent conferences :)

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