Friday, April 15, 2011

Vacation Break

Wow! It is hard to believe we are now in the fourth quarter. Students have begun a long term project in Social Studies, Design a City-State. Project descriptors have been handed out and students were given large pieces of oaktag to use. The due date for the project is May 2nd although it may be turned in earlier.I have emphasized to the kids that they need to put time and effort into this project both in the writing and illustrating. We discussed techniques to use to enhance the visual presentation such as using guide lines,shading or coloring neatly, labeling items, etc. Students are also working on making individual power points in writing class with Ancient Greece being the topic.

Students have a study guide due in Science on Monday, April 25th(they were given this on Monday April 11th). They will have a test over this information on Thursday, April 29th.

Calla, a sixth grade student,shared a letter and photos from a family friend living in Japan. We discussed the impact the tsunami and earthquake is having on the Japanese people's daily lives and were also able to view close up the incredible physical impact on buildings, an airport,roads and train cars.

Please look in this week's Friday Folders for an information letter and permission slip about our upcoming trip to the Fine Arts Museum in Boston on May 18th!

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